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School is a place where teacher, parents, and children gathered not only about educational purposes, but also other related social issue, including environmental behavior. We believe that school can be the best place to raise awareness and campaigns on behavioral change through actors mentioned above to engage with households through parents participations on the recycling, reuse, and reduction of plastics waste. It is also necessary that school dan be a place to promote social inclusion in solid waste management through engaging youth groups and women participations (parents) which are underrepresented in local power structures.

Envirochallenge troops

Since 2016, we noted that Envirochallenge participants created programs to address a large amount of paper waste in their schools and each student must be well-informed about their rights and obligations about waste management and reduction. Some schools provides reusable plates, bowls, and cups to the canteen as a replacement of disposable packaging. Most canteen stalls admitted that this system can be more profitable. Meanwhile, school’s canteen looked much cleaner and comfortable than before, with the reduction of styrofoam and plastic waste.

In addition, they creatively replaced the polystyrene foam used in the laboratory at the school to make props and mock-up with processed the paper waste to produced solid recycled paper and substitute the polystyrene foam usage. They also provided free drinking water dispensers in each class at their schools. These efforts impacted to a reduction up to 70% of the use of plastic waste. This number can be claimed to prevent a leakage to a river, even oceans.

Envirochallenge winner

We partnered with @america (US Cultural Centre in Jakarta) with the funding support from the US Embassy of Jakarta for the first two-year of the program. Our audiences are high school from Greater Jakarta, mostly from DKI Jakarta Province, Bogor City, Tangerang City, and Bekasi City. The third year of the program is supported by the Plastic Solutions Fund and United in Diversity Foundation (UID). UID is also co-organizer of the program in the third year.

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