Non-Free Plastic Bags
In commemoration of National Waste Awareness Day on February 21, 2016, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry enacted a paid plastic bag policy, especially in the business world or modern retailers, and the community. The application of paid plastic bags will be aimed at modern retail in stages.
The Prohibition of Plastic Bags in DKI Jakarta Province
The Governor of DKI Jakarta Province, Anies Baswedan, has just issued the Governor of DKI Jakarta Regulation Number 142the Year of 2019 concerning the Obligation to Use Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags at Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, and Traditional Markets.
Plastic Bag Ban in Banjarmasin
The bold steps of the Banjarmasin City Government in adopting the policy of prohibiting the use of plastic bags as stipulated in the Mayor Regulation Number 18 the Year of 2016 have now begun to be followed by dozens of other City Regencies in Indonesia. This has also made Banjarmasin called the first city in the Asia Pacific to implement the single-use plastic bag ban.
Plastic Bag Ban in Bandung City
After issuing Bandung City Regional Regulation Number 17 of 2012 concerning Reducing the Use of Plastic Bags, the Bandung City Government issued the Mayor Regulation Number 37 of 2019 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Bandung City Regional Regulation Number 17 of 2012 concerning Reducing the Use of Plastic Bags, as a technical and technical guide in efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags in a measurable manner in Bandung City.
The Story of Plastic
Tiza Mafira, Executive Director of the Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement, said that she had the opportunity to become a film contributor and speaker at the panel discussion for the film The Story of Plastic. In this film, Tiza is shown as one of the activists fighting plastic pollution in Indonesia, together with Prigi Arisandi from Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation (Ecoton) Surabaya.
Plastic Free Parade
The level of participation of civil society organizations and communities is very high in the 2020 Plastic-Free Parade. This is shown by the participation of more than 100 organizations and communities in organizing the second year of the parade. One of the signs that the public is getting more educated and realizing that the plastic waste crisis needs to be resolved immediately with real and integrated policies.

Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement

Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement (GIDKP) has a vision to make Indonesia as a Plastic Bag Free country by encouraging people to be wiser in using single-use plastic bags and switch to using bags that are used repeatedly to save the environment from the dangers of plastic bags and other single use plastics.

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The majority of inorganic waste found from our research in coastal areas in 2019 was single-use plastic waste which is still difficult to recycle. Single-use plastic waste refers to plastic bags, polystyrene foam, sachets, straws and bottled drinking water. Garbage that pollutes the sea can come from human activities in cities, where it is dumped or dumped into rivers and ends up in the sea. The regulations that have been made should have a positive impact. By closing the source of waste, it is hoped that it can reduce waste leakage into our oceans.
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